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Capital H: Putting humans at the center of work

Sep 20, 2019

Work/life balance has been a long-sought-after goal of many workers. However, research shows a paradigm shift, where the most important factor to employee satisfaction may be the work itself. Today, employees are seeking a sense of meaning and belonging in their day-to-day lives, and they’re looking for those qualities on the job. Our guests for this episode are Cassandra Sullivan and Quiana Downie, co-founders of Deloitte’s Military Spouse Initiative (MSI). Join Cassandra and Quiana as they describe how the MSI provides purpose and empowers military spouses to own their careers in the midst of unpredictable changes. They’ll share the challenges they faced on their own journeys and talk about their inspiration for creating the MSI. They’ll also discuss what they learned from building a program from the bottom-up and how the experience has impacted their relationship with Deloitte.